New York Times Smears Pro-Trump #AmpFest19 Over Anti-Fake News Meme

Over the weekend, Big League Politics was in attendance at the much anticipated American Priority Festival in Miami, Florida.

During that period, well over 1,000 people attended speeches, concerts, and trainings conducted by some of the most well-known figures in politics, entertainment, and culture. Among them were Donald Trump Jr., former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Hollywood legend Robert Davi, and top Billboard artist Ricky Rebel.

Instead of covering these great speakers, New York Times “reporter” Maggie Haberman took aim at one of the many dozens of small breakout events, where a crowd of dozens could listen to a small group of speakers debate and discuss issues of importance. At one of these break-out sessions in a small side room, a group of around twenty attendees watches a series of Trump-related video memes that have gone viral in recent months.

One of those videos, which organizers tell Big League Politics they did not personally sanction, depicts President Donald Trump’s face imposed in a scene from the Kingsman, fighting large mobs of people whose faces were replaced with the logos of left-wing media companies.

Despite the fact that this video was not shown at the main event area, which seated more than 1,000 people, and which is where both Trump Jr. and Sanders spoke, the Times made it seem as though this were the case, and that the video was celebrated. One person who attended the breakout session, who spoke to BLP, claims that the video was merely one of many dozens that were shown in an educational format to foster discussion around the increasing use of such memes in political campaigns.

Instead of considering the context, Haberman went after not only the conference itself, but after speakers like Trump Jr., Sarah Sanders, and even the Trump Doral Resort where the conference occurred. The story itself is titled “Macabre Video of Fake Trump Shooting Media and Critics Is Shown at His Resort” in an attempt to stir-up even more left-wing hatred against Trump.

Even former White House Press Secretary turned anti-Trump loser Anthony Scaramucci took the bait, going to Twitter to smear the event as the rise of the “American Nazis.” One must wonder how Scaramucci would respond if this reporter provided photos of him attending the very same conference he is smearing as “Nazi” less than a year ago?

In reality, this was the most pro-free speech major conference to occur in recent memory.

One event even gave dissident figures facing religious persecution the ability to speak to a sizable crowd about issues that could get them killed or thrown in jail in their home countries.

It also featured a panel that included left-wing Antifa terrorist survivors like Andy Ngo and Jack Posobiec. While in contrast, the much more establishment-leaning CPAC conference openly welcomed, providing free entry to the extreme-left podcast Chapo Trap House.

Chapo Trap House is open about their support for the left-wing terrorist organization Antifa. Their community’s violent rhetoric is so extreme that the notoriously liberal website Reddit was forced to quarantine their community on the site.  The New York Times seems to have no interest in covering that fact. But somehow a meme shown to a small group of people at a pro-Trump event is newsworthy.

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