Newsmax Runs Piece Accusing Tucker Carlson of ‘Hitler Appeasement’ for Opposing War with Russia

Newsmax, the controlled opposition faux-conservative TV network founded by a Clinton Foundation donor, is accusing Fox News host Tucker Carlson of “Hitler appeasement” for refusing to embrace Russia hysteria pushed by the Democrats and neocons.

Long-time Clinton advisor Dick Morris wrote the article published by Newsmax making this idiotic and humiliating comparison harkening back to the dark days of the pre-Trump GOP.

“Fox News’ lead host Tucker Carlson is behaving like the discredited appeasers of Adolf Hitler in the prelude to World War II. The lesson of 1930s appeasement is that it does not work, does not gain peace, and leads to even greater tragedy. Today, Carlson is making excuses for Russian strongman Vladimir Putin and his increasing threats against Ukraine,” Morris wrote.

Morris apologized for the globalists and quoted another Democrat and NATO hack in Gen. Wesley Clark to justify his bizarre and noxious opinion.

“Carlson’s defense of Putin echoes the famous comment of the Britain’s great appeaser of the Nazis, Philip Kerr, the country’s ambassador to the United States later known as Lord Lothian,” the moron wrote. “Lothian defended Hitler’s march into the Rhineland in 1936, a blatant violation of the Treaty of Versailles.”

Morris made it clear that he has a vested interest in the status quo in Ukraine and bragged about helping to foment a “color revolution” with the Clinton administration in the country back in 1995. It is well-documented that this was a Soros-backed coup, but Morris defends its legacy nevertheless. 

He concluded his diatribe by saying that the masses need to “mark Tucker Carlson down as an appeaser in the most important battle for freedom now going on in the world.”

Big League Politics has reported on the enforcement of vaccine mandates by Newsmax and their ongoing purge of hardcore conservatives from their network:

Newsmax has come under fire recently for implementing a forced Covid-19 inoculation mandate for all of its staff.

Big League Politics covered their last major move, with the media outlet forcing out former Trump advisor and organization favorite Steve Cortes, which Big League Politics covered last month.

Former Trump advisor Steve Cortes has been forced out of his position with the ostensibly conservative television network, Newsmax over his refusal to submit to the COVID-19 jab.

Cortes will do a final broadcast sometime over the next week. He left after Newsmax issued him an ultimatum of sorts: submit to the experimental vaccine or resign. Cortes chose to leave with his dignity intact…

Now the organization has recently decided to also part ways with White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson, another popular Newsmax reporter who made news throughout the year for her skirmishes with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki…

Robinson’s questioning towards Psaki during White House Press briefings apparently struck a nerve with the CEO of Newsmax, with network insiders exclusively telling Red State that Robinson upset Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy when she refused to obey his June 2021 directive to “go easy on the Biden administration, particularly Jen Psaki.”

Anonymous sources also indicated to Red State suspicions of Robinson also being targeted due to her refusal to be coerced into taking the Covid-19 shot and for her own personal opinions on the treatment in general.”

Newsmax is such a joke that it makes Fox News look good by comparison. They have squandered all of their potential to gain market share as an outlet for strong conservatism after the election steal.

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