“NFAC” Black Nationalist Militia Leader Grand Master Jay Charged With Threatening, Brandishing Guns at Police Officers

The leader of the “Not F****** Around Coalition” black nationalist militia was federally charged with brandishing a rifle at police officers in September. “Grand Master Jay,”  real name John Fitzgerald Johnson, had been present at a Breonna Taylor protest in Louisville, and it’s alleged he pointed an AR-style rifle at police officers present within the Jefferson County courthouse.

Grand Master Jay is being charged with assaulting, resisting or impeding certain officers of employees in federal court for the western district of Kentucky. The “NFAC” militia he leads attained notoriety for a series of confrontational and heavily armed protest marches targeting law enforcement. Jay has spoken openly of his support for black secession from the United States, advocating that his followers form a “new black nation.”

Armed NFAC demonstrators have been responsible for negligent discharge incidents at two rallies in Louisville and Lafayette, Louisiana, in the first of which two NFAC members were shot. The repeat incidences of poor gun safety practice have led some to style the armed intimidation group the “Not Freaking Aiming Coalition.” However, documents detailing criminal charges against Johnson suggest the group might be a danger to more than themselves.

An affidavit filled out by an FBI agent reveals Grand Master Jay had openly threatened to kill anyone affiliated with NFAC who informed on the group’s activity to law enforcement. In May of 2020, Jay had instructed NFAC followers to kill personnel of the Minneapolis Police Department in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

The FBI alleges that Grand Master Jay is pictured pointing an AR-15 style rifle at police officers deployed to the Jefferson County Courthouse in Louisville during an NFAC armed march in Louisville on September 9th.

The affidavit reveals new information about the militia leader’s criminal history. Grand Master Jay has been arrested and charged with several crimes throughout his life, and most curiously was discharged from the military under other than honorable conditions two times. The FBI is currently investigating how he was able to re-enlist into the military with such a discharge, which is highly unusual.

Johnson was arrested in 1995 for assault and threatening a man with a gun. He was charged with threatening to kill his wife in 2003 when she returned from a military deployment to Kuwait. He was charged with being absent without leave from the Army in 2006, in his second enlistment that ended with an OTH discharge.

Grand Master Jay has demonstrated an extremely specious knowledge of firearms during NFAC livestreams, claiming an AR-style rifle would fire if the bolt closed on a loaded chamber, and calling an AR a “bullpup” rifle.


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