Nicholas Sandmann Prevails Over the Liberal Mob, Posts HS Graduation Photo, Announces College Scholarship

The leftist mob told young conservative Nicholas Sandmann that his life was over after he committed the mortal sin of smiling in public while wearing a red MAGA hat.

Over a year later, Sandmann has been vindicated and showed the jackals that they were powerless to destroy his life.

He was infamously the victim of an unprecedented conspiracy of anti-white hatemongers, deranged anti-Trump democrats, and fake news media vultures over a year ago.

Big League Politics reported on the shameful display to target the kid as it unfolded at the time:

Five days after slandering innocent teenaged boys from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky, unleashing a violent leftist social media mob against them, most cable news networks have attempted to quietly distance themselves from the story.

But not the National Broadcasting Company.

Tuesday evening, NBC ran the following headline: “Gay valedictorian banned from speaking at Covington graduation ‘not surprised’ by D.C. controversy.”

“Video of white students from Covington Catholic High School confronting a Native American elder at the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington, D.C., last Friday went viral this past week,” said the opening line of the piece.

This has been the mainstream media’s narrative from the beginning. They have willfully and purposefully attempted to destroy the lives of innocent teenaged boys, despite the fact that video evidence of the encounter indisputably proves that they were not the aggressors.

Worse, the NBC headline is entirely misleading.

The “gay valedictorian,” named Christian Bales, did not even attend Covington Catholic High School. Rather, he attended Holy Cross High School. Holy Cross is part of the Diocese of Covington, but totally unrelated to Covington Catholic High School, as NBC would have its readers believe.

The only reason to frame the story as such is to push an anti-Christian agenda.

To that point, Holy Cross High School did not ban Bales from speaking for his sexual orientation, but rather for failing to turn his speech in on time, which NBC admits in its article.

Sandmann created the blueprint for how to defeat the left-wing mob. He stood strong and refused to grovel under the pressure. Now he has more money in his pocket, and his reputation has been fortified and strengthened as a result of his courage.

He noted in a Twitter post on Friday that he has graduated from Covington Catholic High School and received a college scholarship.

Sandmann demonstrated the strength that few men even double or triple his age would be able to muster. The future of the conservative movement is bright if Sandmann’s fellow zoomers have the grit and determination that he has shown.

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