North Dakota Congressional Race Is Shaping Up to Be Mitt Romney vs Rand Paul Proxy War

Ever since former North Dakota State Representative Rick Becker threw his hat in the ring for North Dakota’s sole congressional seat, pro-liberty advocates across the state have flocked to his campaign. 

It’s common knowledge that once the final votes are cast on June 11, 2024 during the Republican primary election, whoever comes out victorious will effectively be  the  next  congressman  for  the  state  of  North  Dakota. After all, Democrats can’t field a credible challenger to Republicans in a blood red state like North Dakota. 

A political insider who BLP was able to get in touch with noted that Rick Becker’s main challenger Julie Fedorchak is as establishment as it gets. She is a member of North Dakota’s three-member Public Service Commission, who has virtually no legislative activity to speak of.  That said, BLP previously reported that Fedorchak signed a letter opposing  North Dakota Constitutional Measure 1 — a ballot initiative that enacted two four-year term limits for the governor and eight-year terms for both the State House and State Senate. 

By contrast, Becker is the only pro-liberty candidate in this race who has a strong legislative track record, as evidenced by his time in the State House from 2012 to 2022 promoting limited government principles. 

Becker has gradually picked up solid support from conservatives nationwide. He has already received endorsements from the likes of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), the House Freedom Caucus, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy.

Protect Freedom Political Action Committee also endorsed Becker, with it also spending roughly $181,000 to promote Becker alongside other pro-liberty candidates such as Cameron Hamilton in Virginia and Stewart Jones in South Carolina. 

Becker’s support from the liberty grassroots is beginning to show in the polls as well. According to a poll conducted by North Dakota United, the state worker’s union, Becker enjoys a 29% to 26% lead over Fedorchak in the congressional race in terms of likely voters. 

The North Dakota political insider argued that the Becker vs. Fedorchak race is essentially a “proxy war” between the Rand Paul vs. Mitt Romney factions of the GOP. Curiously, Fedorchak has received endorsements from the likes of former Governor Ed Schafer and US Senator John Hoeven. 

The latter is viewed as a major kingmaker in North Dakota politics, with many politicians and prospective candidates constantly looking to receive Hoeven’s blessing during election season. 

Rick Becker will undeniably face an uphill struggle. However, the power of the common man who desires liberty can’t be counted out. In fact, during a time when astroturf campaigns are being exposed left and right, genuine grassroots political energy is capable of dishing out upsets to the political establishment. 

It’s just a matter of getting people activated and having them show up at the polls. Pro-liberty voters in North Dakota have the opportunity to make their presence felt on June 11, 2024, the day of North Dakota’s primary elections. This is one election that should not be ignored. 

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