Northwestern Medicine Releases Study Claiming ‘Transgender’ Children Benefit Greatly From Mutilation

A new study released from Northwestern Medicine is claiming that transgender children benefit greatly from so-called top surgery, which means cutting out the breast tissue of kids and leaving them mangled forever.

The study, which appears in the peer-reviewed medical journal JAMA Pediatrics, claimed that knifing off a young girl’s breasts is “associated with significant improvement in chest dysphoria, gender congruence, and body image in transmasculine and nonbinary teens and young adults.”

It should come as no surprise that the study was conducted by LGBT activists who have much to gain ideologically and monetarily from slicing up children in order to make them transgender.

“When we compared the outcomes of patients who received gender-affirming top surgery to those who did not, we recognized that surgery significantly improved the quality of life for patients,” said Dr. Sumanas Jordan, who works as director for Northwestern Medicine’s gender pathways program.

Big League Politics has reported on how children’s hospitals nationwide are breeding grounds for the transgender ideology where children are coached to adopt the LGBT ideology and then put under the knife:

The push for transgender surgeries for children is escalating at warp speeds.

In today’s example, Boston Children’s Hospital gleefully encourages surgical, pharmaceutical “gender transition” for teens. And has posted 90 videos promoting these surgeries to youth on their YouTube page.

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