Notre Dame Cathedral to be Rebuilt As Progressive Liberal Monument in Redesign

Plans for a renovation of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris following the building’s damages in a devastating fire will dramatically differ from the building’s historical purpose and nature, according to reporting from the Daily Telegraph published Friday.

The redesign is said to deemphasize the Cathedral’s historic connection to Roman Catholic Christianity, instead emphasizing elements of liberalism as a modern-day alternative religion. The new Notre Dame will include a “discovery trail” with an emphasis on Asia and Africa, and passages from the Bible will be projected in Mandarin characters on the building’s walls.

A chapel in the new Notre Dame will be devoted to climate change activism, an increasingly popular topic of the western political elite. The wealthiest and most powerful individuals in the western world have consistently demanded that the everyday citizen renounce the comforts of modern life in the sake of the environment, while burning more carbon than anyone else on Earth themselves.

Notre Dame incurred serious damages in a 2019 fire, with far-left commentators and some pro-Islamic commentators in Europe celebrating the near-destruction of the Christian monument. The burning was followed by at least one arson arrest of an illegal immigrant targeting another historic French cathedral.

One French architect, Maurice Culot, likened the new plans for Notre Dame to an American-style Disney theme park.

It’s as if Disney were entering Notre-Dame,” said Culot. “What they are proposing to do to Notre-Dame would never be done to Westminster Abbey or Saint Peter’s in Rome. It’s a kind of theme park and very childish and trivial given the grandeur of the place.

Another senior French Catholic source is describing the remodeling as the ultimate triumph of American-style wokeness over traditional European culture. The French Senate has sought to mandate that Notre Dame be rebuilt as it was, but liberals spearheading the Notre Dame reconstruction project on the part of the French state have something very different in mind.

This is political correctness gone mad,” said the senior source. “They want to turn Notre-Dame into an experimental liturgical showroom that exists nowhere else whereas it should be a landmark where the slightest change must be handled with great care.

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