NRA Sues State of Florida To Stop Rick Scott and Rubio’s Gun Grab

The National Rifle Association (NRA) filed suit Friday against the state of Florida after Republican Governor Rick Scott signed a gun control bill spearheaded by the state’s Marco Rubio-aligned Republican House speaker.

The NRA claims that it violates the constitutional rights of persons aged 18 to 21 because the law prohibits those under 21 from buying rifles. Thus, 18 year olds can use a rifle to defend the United States at war but can’t have one to protect themselves back at home in Florida.

The case could end up going to the Supreme Court, or it could also get some publicity and just go nowhere.

The new Florida law also imposes a three-day waiting period to purchase rifles, a bump stock ban, and expanded mental health background checks.

The bill was pushed for by Richard Corcoran, a Rubio ally who leads the Republicans in the state House. Corcoran is running for governor against Congressman Ron DeSantis, who quietly criticized gun control measures but did not really do anything to fight against the bill.

As Big League Politics reported, Corcoran was threatening legislators that they would lose money for their districts if they did not pass the bill.

Some Republicans are upset that Corcoran tied the school safety policies to the gun control policies. A school safety bill introduced by Republicans would have passed with probably 100 percent support. But Corcoran decided to put forward a package bill with gun control elements in it.

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