NYC Public Defender Describes Being Fired for Being White, Takes Aim at City Schools for CRT Indoctrination

A New York City mother of four, lawyer and city council candidate has described a harrowing account of being fired from a legal non-profit for being white, pointing to the incident as cause to further challenge anti-white critical race theory in New York City schools.

Maud Maron is a longtime attorney who also served on a Manhattan school board from 2017 to 2021. She’s described being made the target of a ‘witch hunt’ at the Legal Aid Society, a non-profit which employed her as a public defender, speaking in an account provided to journalist Bari Weiss.

None of this would have happened if I just said I loved books like White Fragility, and I’m a fan of Bill de Blasio’s proposals for changing New York City public schools, and I planned to vote for Maya Wiley for mayor. The reason they went after me is because I have a different point of view,” has said Maron of her firing from the Legal Aid Society. Maron, who describes herself as a “life-long liberal” and a 2016 Bernie Sanders supporter, had been employed at the Legal Aid Society for several years before her rejection of critical race-style progressive hate-mongering made her a persona non grata at the newly ‘woke’ organization.

Maron had fought against progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio’s attempts to eliminate the concept of merit from New York City schools, with an achievement gap between demographics of students cited as evidence of a white supremacist conspiracy by CRT supporters.

Now, as an independent candidate for the New York City Council, Maron is pledging to fight against CRT indoctrination and the racial preferences in education policy favored by de Blasio’s administration. She’s slammed the FBI’s politically motivated investigation into parents who oppose CRT in a statement published on Bari Weiss’ substack, accusing the feds of chilling intimidation tactics against parents who oppose the policies of far-left school boards.

I am a mother of four, a criminal defense attorney and a lifelong liberal who is deeply concerned about the direction of New York City’s public schools. I’ve been outspoken about my views, along with an untold number of frustrated parents. For that, the FBI is considering using the PATRIOT Act against me.

As it turns out, the threat is me. The threat is parents showing up to dress down school boards over their dereliction of duty. That is what the [National School Board Association] considers a crime.

Parents who oppose anti-white CRT indoctrination have increasingly sought to withdraw their children from public schools, with school systems potentially bankrupted and ruined as a result.

Maron’s campaign platform outlines a plan to reverse the impacts of Bill de Blasio’s third-world style anarcho-tyrannical governance, moving transients and drug use away from the city streets and restoring New York City as a beacon of American prosperity.

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