Obama ’08 Advisor Blasts Joe Biden for Low-Effort Campaign

Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign manager seemed to question the intensity level of Joe Biden’s campaign when speaking on a liberal podcast. David Plouffe admitted that Biden’s campaign was failing to properly digitally market itself when a significant portion if not an outright majority of Americans are consuming their political information primarily online.

David Plouffe was speaking on the ‘Skulduggery’ podcast, a program usually focused on Russian collusion conspiracy theories.

The Biden campaign has an acute need to really up their game and understand how people receive information today,” said Plouffe. “It’s a weakness of most Democrats.”

Plouffe pointed to what he identified as a lack of understanding of social media by Biden’s campaign team. “I have an overarching concern, independent of the coronavirus, that we really have to make sure that the Biden campaign and progressives are meeting people where they are in the year 2020.”

It’s mostly been conservatives and others critical of Joe Biden who have pointed to his seemingly low-effort Presidential campaign thus far. Biden’s campaign took a whopping four days to set up a livestreaming rig in his own home to allow the candidate to appear live on network programming, apparently refusing to set up a simple telecommunications system such as Skype in order to let Biden appear to the public.

The presumptive Democratic nominee appeared in public for a grand total of six minutes last week, in the midst of the raging nation Chinese coronavirus epidemic. It didn’t seem to occur to the former Vice President that it would be necessary for him to vocally and consistently make his case to the American people that he’d be better in dealing with the virus than President Trump, instead opting to send out printed statements rebuking the President.

Plouffe acknowledged that Trump seems likely to drown out Biden’s low-effort campaign strategy with a blitz of campaigning and advertising when the pandemic eases and campaigning resumes in earnest.

The Trump campaign has a huge organization [and] all the money in the world to drive turnout as high as they can in every battleground state, which is what I’m most concerned about.”

Perhaps it should’ve occurred to national Democrats that they need a candidate who is up to speed with messaging in the information age before they nominated the party’s elder figure.

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