Obama To Campaign With Andrew Gillum In Miami Following Explosive O’Keefe Exposé


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In perhaps the hottest race of the midterm elections, ex-President Barack Obama will be joining Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum on the campaign trail in Miami, Florida on Friday.

News came Monday that Obama was stumping for Tallahassee Mayor Gillum and incumbent Democrat Senator Bill Nelson.

The eyes of the nation are collectively on Florida as the Governor’s race has intensified with fiery debates stoking the electrically charged atmosphere amid stunning Project Veritas exposure of a top Gillum staffer keeping it real, admitting Gillum has no plans to fulfill his campaign promises, and referring to Florida as a “f**ked up Cracker state” in a shocking racist statement that is sure to have an effect on the outcome of the election.

While Obama is stumping for Gillum, President Donald Trump visited Florida for a rally on Wednesday where he encouraged people to vote for Republican Ron DeSantis for Governor of Florida.

Obama’s support of Gillum on the trail demonstrates to the country, as well as the world that Gillum’s anti-cop, anti-Israel platform, along with his communist ideology and mindset is fully endorsed by the ruling elite of the Democrat Party–all the way to the top of the hierarchy.

In a recent debate, Congressman Ron DeSantis slammed Gillum for not disavowing or distancing himself from the “Dream Defenders”, a radical left wing group that doesn’t believe police have a place in the US justice system. In its “Freedom Papers”, the Dream Defenders state: “Police and prisons have no place in the ‘justice system’. Police and prisons aren’t just racist but they work to enforce the separation of rich and poor.”

DeSantis has also shed light on the fact that Gillum signed an anti-cop pledge with Dream Defenders, and has argued that he is too anti-Cop, anti-Israel and his core anti-American, all of which make him unfit to be Florida’ next Governor.

Along with zeroing in on a Dream Defenders pledge, DeSantis is hammering Gillum for his strong anti-NRA stance in a state with many gun owners. Gillum’s pledge to the Dream Defenders focuses on a diversion of resources away from “prisons, detention centers, guns and police” and toward programs that support the safety and basic needs of the people.” Translation: Radical Socialism, Venezuela-Style which President Trump has repeatedly warned Florida voters about.

As of now, over three million votes have been cast in Florida ahead of the 2018 midterms so far.

In 2016, Florida ended early voting with 6.6 Million votes, equal to about half of the state’s registered voters. By party registration, the votes broke down as 40% Democrat, 42% Republican and about 18% with no party affiliation.

Roughly 1.6 Million, or 54% of early voters have been female. Female early voters are also primarily older, data shows.

Obama’s day on the trail is bound to turn up the temperature in the Sunshine State significantly in an extreme political scorcher of a race.


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