Observer Reporter Attacks Big League Politics, Fails To Disclose He Wrote For Big League Politics

Observer reporter Davis Richardson published a piece Thursday headlined “How The New Right Media Pushes Extremism Dangerously Into The Mainstream.”

The article attacks New Right publications including Gateway Pundit and Infowars and journalists Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, and Alex Jones to craft the narrative that New Media is somehow dangerous. Richardson also devotes special attention to Big League Politics, writing:

“Fringe outlets led by InfoWars, Gateway Pundit and Big League Politics—a far-right website started by Howley following Trump’s election—trafficked fake news into the mainstream while galvanizing a network of conspiracy theorists who once anonymously dominated 4chan message boards.”

But Davis Richardson forgot to mention something in his article. Oh yeah, he wrote for Big League Politics. In fact, he did a whole reporting assignment for us from a Jill Stein lecture at Yale University. Life comes at you fast.

As editor in chief of Big League Politics, I make a special point to give reporters a shot at getting bylines with us, so long as they’re hardworking, respectful of everyone on staff, and they tell the truth. I gave Davis Richardson the chance to get another clip for his portfolio so that he could get a reporting job. I suppose he got one with Observer, which is based in New York and was owned by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is said to still have an editorial presence there.

Davis’ article didn’t bother me. It was silly mainstream-media claptrap. If CNN and the Washington Post did not fail so spectacularly at what they purport to do, then alternative media would not be so popular. The demand is there because there is a need to push back against the agenda-oriented mainstream press. And Davis Richardson did not provide a single example of us getting a story wrong…ever. Because we haven’t.

But Davis deciding to call us “fake news,” when he used my website to feature his writing and conceivably help him get a job, is pretty low.

Mr. Kushner should probably be on the lookout for a hit piece on Observer in a few months.

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