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Ocasio-Cortez Loses Bid For House Ways and Means Committee



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Bronx-born 29-year old congresswoman who grew up in Westchester County, will not serve on the House Ways and Means Committee, which is the body most of the congressionally-approved federal spending moves through.

Her staff said “certainly not” when asked if she feels slighted by Nancy Pelosi’s leadership team. Her team’s answer might speak to the political Stockholm syndrome that led to Ocasio-Cortez praising Pelosi while also protesting Pelosi in front of the press.

Ocasio-Cortez, a democratic socialist, and Rashida Tlaib, who said that she will try to “impeach the mother—” President Trump, were both denied spots on Ways and Means. Clearly, the two would have tried to do some pretty radical left-wing stuff with taxpayer money.

Trending: Mike Lee Passes Big Tech H-1B Visa Giveaway in Senate Without Objection

Despite media accolades, Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow Democrat newcomers are experiencing difficulties in the world of Washington gridlock.

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Freshman South Carolina Democrat Joe Cunningham suffered another setback Friday when he was denied the ability to take a six-pack of beer onto the House floor. 

While the realities of Congress might be harshing the mellows of some of its members, the reality of our border situation is not going away.

Freshman Texas congresswoman Veronica Escobar, who railed against the “crisis” of illegal migrants not having hotel rooms in El Paso, might be reading about the arrest of a Guatemalan migrant for an alleged attack on a woman holding a baby. The alleged attack occurred in a Budget Inn in El Paso that has been housing the city’s influx of migrants, hundreds of whom were dropped off at a bus station by ICE agents due to a court order that set them free.

President Donald Trump is considering all options — including a national emergency — to build the Wall, and has been briefed on a plan to use money from the Army Corps of Engineers.


ANOTHER PHONY? Sen. Josh Hawley Does Nothing to Oppose Big Tech Visa Giveaway for Indian Nationals

Hawley’s silence is deafening.



Yesterday, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) was able to pass S. 386 with unanimous consent in the Senate. The legislation is a green card giveaway lobbied for by Big Tech that will flood America with cheap Indian labor and displace native workers.

Lee has been exposed as a lawmaker who is in the back pocket of Silicon Valley monopolists at war with the Bill of Rights and Constitution:

While it is expected that Lee would completely sell America out, the silence from his colleagues who have claimed to vehemently oppose Big Tech has been far more suspicious. The unwillingness of Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) to oppose the measure has caused him to lose credibility among the populist “America First” base.

Big League Politics reported on how not one GOP senator had the courage to offer opposition to Lee’s big government giveaway to third-world foreigners at the behest of tech corporations who hate free speech:

Utah Senator Mike Lee succeeded in passing legislation in the Senate that would eliminate per-country-caps on recipients of H-1B visas on Wednesday, a policy change that would effectively monopolize the visa system for nationals of large countries such as India.

The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act has been called the greatest corporate welfare program for Big Tech in recent memory. Lee has persistently sought to pass the corporate giveaway, with previous attempts to eliminate per-country-caps being blocked by Democrat Dick Durbin and Republican Rick Scott. Neither Senator objected to the unanimous passage of the modified S386 legislation on Wednesday afternoon.

Big Tech monopolies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft have fervently lobbied in favor of eliminating per-country caps, seeking to replace their American workforces with de facto indentured workers who accept lower wages and worse working conditions. The pervasive use of the H-1B visa in the American technology industry has displaced countless American workers from their careers.

Lee’s giveaway doesn’t specifically raise annual H-1B visa rates, although an increase in numbers of visa workers would be a likely consequence of its enactment. It’s expected that the program will be dominated by Indian nationals in the event that Lee’s HR1044/S386 is signed into law, providing massive corporations with a considerable labor pool willing to work for less in return for an American visa.

The legislation was most recently updated with a provision blocking Chinese nationals from using the H-1B program. This provision appears to have been instrumental in securing its passage through the Senate.

It appears that Hawley is attempting to co-opt President Trump’s movement without offering much of anything in terms of real substance.

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