Ohio Senate Candidate JD Vance Proposes Taxing Billionaire-Owned Globalist NGO’s

Ohio populist US Senate candidate JD Vance has proposed taxing radical left-wing NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), citing the cancerous influence of globalist oligarchs on American life and the devastation their agenda has wrought the middle-class American.

Vance was speaking with Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night. Vance cited reports revealing that a woman caught harassing white students on camera at Arizona State University is a Ford Foundation fellow, affiliated with one of the wealthiest so-called charities in the country.

These foundations are the ultimate institutions of identity politics… We’re talking hundreds of billions of dollars in ill-gotten accumulated wealth. We’re actively subsidizing the people who are destroying this country.

Vance cited the Ford Foundation, Bill Gates’ private foundation, and the endowment of elite universities such as Harvard- all of which pay nothing in tax despite close affiliation with some of the greediest and most corrupt oligarchs in the western world. All of them support critical race theory, globalism, open borders, centralized government, and an economy dominated by massive corporations partnered with government.

Why don’t we seize the assets of the Ford Foundation? Tax their assets, and give it to the people whose lives have been destroyed by their open borders agenda? Give it to the people whose lives have been destroyed by the heroin epidemic. Give it to the angel moms, who have lost a kid, thanks to the Ford Foundation’s agenda.

Vance, a businessman and author, currently trails an underwhelming candidate in the Ohio Republican primary, if polls of the race are to be believed. It remains to be seen if Vance’s fresh and innovative policy proposals will prove alluring enough for conservative voters, or if Republicans will simply settle for meaningless, fruitless dopamine ‘hits.’

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