Open-Border Koch Brothers Implicated in Wikipedia Manipulation Scheme

A recent Huffington Post report blew the lid off of corruption pertaining to Wikipedia, the user-patrolled free online encyclopedia, where certain editors are getting paid off to give favorable descriptions for the corporate elite.

HuffPo exposed how firms such as Axios, Facebook and NBC contracted Ed Sussman, who currently works as a paid Wikipedia editor for, to do damage control on their Wikipedia pages. He massaged certain text to make descriptions seem more appealing while omitting facts that might be bad for business.

Sussman maintains that his business is ethical, and he abides by all of the online encyclopedia’s guidelines.

“I am not the one sucking in the business,” he said to HuffPo. “The ones sucking in all the business are the firms who, when they get a call, say, ‘Oh yeah, I’ll take care of it.’ And they just take it down and they don’t do a disclosure.” Sussman meticulously discloses his various clients, which is what gave HuffPo the details needed to break the story.

But it is not just these left-leaning corporations that are manipulating public opinion for their own benefit on Wikipedia. There are individuals who like to parade around as conservatives that have hired known Wikipedia whitewashers, most notably the globalist, anti-Trump Koch Brothers.

Breitbart News peered into the work of another firm that manipulates Wikipedia pages for their clientele, Beutler Ink. It is run by prominent WikiPedia editor and blogger William Beutler, who has also worked for New Media Strategies on behalf of Koch Industries and other powerful corporate giants.

In addition to serving the Koch Brothers, Beutler has ran interference for other members of the globalist elite. He whitewashed the Wikipedia page of CNN contributor Hilary Rosen, removing any trace of her well-documented history of punishing music downloaders while running the RIAA. It was replaced by a lengthy diatribe detailing Rosen’s hard-work in promoting the LGBT agenda.

Beutler was contracted by SKDKnickerbocker, a Democrat-tied firm to work his public relations magic on Colleen Bell, who was serving as ambassador to Hungary under President Barack Hussein Obama at the time. Bell had worked as a bundler for the Obama campaign, delivering huge sums of cash into the coffers of the divider-in-chief. Beutler was able to minimize that while focusing more on Bell’s support of refugees and opposition to Hungarian nationalist leader Viktor Orban.

It is currently unknown what whitewashing Beutler performed for the Koch Brothers, but there is certainly plenty that the billionaire tycoons would want to be swept under the rug. From using their immense wealth to buy off politicians in the Washington DC swamp to their open borders advocacy to their support of globalist trade agreements to helping Democrats weaken Trump in 2018 to their unabashed endorsement of globalism, the Koch Bros’ record is far from clean.

There is much that the Koch Bros would like their unsuspecting followers in the Republican Party to remain unaware of!

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