OWNED: Trump Defense Team Eviscerates Democrats at Friday’s Impeachment Hearing

Friday’s impeachment hearing did not go well for Democrats, to put it mildly.

Only a couple days after Donald Trump allegedly expressed displeasure with his defense team’s performance, lawyers David Schoen and Bruce Castor kicked it into high gear and exposed the Democrats’ utter hypocrisy and shameless pursuit of impeachment on the flimsiest of bases.

They were warned, after all. Bruce Castor told Laura Ingraham last Friday that Democrats “better be careful what [they] wish for” and promised to play video clips of them encouraging political violence to a far greater degree than Trump ever has.


Donald Trump is often described—and he describes himself—as a fighter. In light of January 6, Democrats take that to mean he’s willing to encourage political violence. But Trump’s defense team made sure everyone knew that no one loves calling themselves “fighters” and using “fighting” language more than Democrats:

And as far as the impeachment case itself, Schoen and Castor slammed Democratic impeachment managers for using anonymous sources, unconfirmed media reports, selectively edited remarks from Trump, and the like to build their “case.”

As any trial lawyer will tell you, ‘reportedly’ is a euphemism for ‘I have no real evidence,’” said Schoen. “‘Reportedly’ is not the standard in any American setting in which any semblance of due process is afforded and accused. ‘Reportedly’ isn’t even ‘here is some circumstantial evidence.’ It is exactly as reliable as ‘I Googled this for you.’ […] You get more due process than this when you fight a parking ticket.”


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