Patreon Listens To Big League, Suspends Fake Paul Joseph Watson Page

Earlier today, Big League Politics published an article exposing a fake Patreon page in conservative commentator Paul Joseph Watson’s name. The page was being used to scam over 100 people into making monthly contributions to what looked like a page hosted by Watson. In reality, it was a page set up by an anonymous scammer looking to make money off of his supporters.

Paul Joseph Watson took to Twitter to make it known that the page isn’t his, and that he has not been able to get support from Patreon on the matter.

Big League Politics reached out to Patreon prior to posting the initial article and we were told they would look into the situation. To their credit, they did look into the situation quickly after we forwarded the article to them, sending us this response:

The creator page has been suspended while the proper due diligence is being taken to verify the owner of the page.

The fake Paul Joseph Watson page was removed, as stated in their response.

This is good news for the 112 people who had been supporters of the fake page prior to it being removed. It is unknown how much those people had been donating monthly, and for how long they had donated.

If the page is proven fraudulent, as Paul Joseph Watson’s Tweet makes clear it is, it is unknown if Patreon will refund the people who donated to the fraudulent campaign. Big League Politics will keep you updated if we receive any notice on that.


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