Paypal Unfreezes ‘Moms for Liberty’ Account After Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Threatens Crackdown

The monolithic payment processor PayPal has unfrozen the account for Moms for Liberty after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis threatened a crackdown.

In a showing of how conservatives can effectively wield executive power to promote free speech, Gov. DeSantis declared he was going to crack down against “woke” banking after Moms for Liberty announced they were denied service by PayPal.

Moms for Liberty Co-Founder Tina Descovich said PayPal froze their account while Gov. DeSantis was giving a speech at the group’s annual summit on July 15.

“While he’s speaking, I started getting emails during that PayPal has stopped processing one by one all of our monthly donors,” Descovich said.

PayPal was completely unresponsive when Descovich pleaded with them to release thousands of dollars in organizational funds that were effectively in limbo.

“I emailed,” Descovich said. “I tried calling again and get another person and they said sorry, there’s nothing you can do.”

DeSantis responded with a demand for legislation to punish woke corporations like PayPal that enact viewpoint discrimination in opposition to the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. PayPal quickly backed down, and Descovich thinks Gov. DeSantis’ strong rhetoric is the reason why they capitulated.

“I do think it helps. I have no other explanation why I have no messages from PayPal that they reversed anything. I have not sent them any more documents to change the status,” Descovich said. “So the only thing I have to point to is that they saw the governor’s press conference and decided to change their minds.”

Big League Politics has reported on how Gov. DeSantis is using government power to battle against woke extremism in his state:

Textbook companies are responding to Republicans cracking down on left-wing indoctrination attempts by removing “woke” content from their materials, in a showing of the effectiveness of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ bold leadership.

The Florida Department of Education put their foot down back in April on “attempts to indoctrinate students,” rejecting 54 mathematics textbooks with woke social justice nonsense shoehorned into them. This enraged leftists at the time but was ultimately successful at changing the offensive content. The companies removed the content from their books after pressure from Florida Republicans.

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