PC Activists Want to Remove Lewis & Clark Statue

As if removing Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson statues wasn’t enough, the Charlottesville City Council will hold a debate on Monday to determine if a Lewis, Clark and Sacajawea statue will be removed.

According to CBS 19, the discussion will center around the establishment of a commission that will ultimately determine the fate of the statue located on West Main Street.

In May, the council passed a resolution to move the statue in a way that aligns with the design plan for West Main. Now, the council will determine if it will remove the statue entirely.

According to staff member estimates, the new commission would need $75,000 for “consultancy fees, meeting space rentals, advertisements and other related tasks for public involvement.”

This committee would have to make a final decision about what to do with the statue within a nine-month timeframe. Several options on the table would be removing the statue and selling it to an interested party, keeping the statue in the same place, or provide more context to the statue.

The statue’s portrayal of Sacajawea, who is hunched behind Lewis and Clark, has been met with considerable criticism. Kasey Keeler, the Native American studies postdoctoral fellow and instructor at UVA, claims that the statue downplays Sacajawea’s role during this bold expedition to explore the western portion of the United States.

Statue removals have been a new front in the battle to establish political correctness culture throughout America.

BLP reported on activists’ desire to remove a John Calhoun statue in Charleston, South Carolina. Around the same time, Arlington County successfully renamed one of its highways in order to placate PC demands.

The targeting of confederate monuments has now opened the floodgates for the removal of other figures in American history.

If Americans don’t fight back, they could see many historical artifacts wiped out by the iconoclastic Left.

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