Perdue: ‘Stacey Abrams Is A Fraud,’ ‘Will Never Be Governor of Georgia’

Former Senator David Perdue, now a GOP gubernatorial candidate in Georgia, declared on Sunday that “Stacey Abrams will never be governor of Georgia.”

Perdue appeared on Fox News Network’s “Sunday Morning Futures” and said Abrams is a “fraud.” The former senator of Georgia pointed out that the Democrat gubernatorial candidate had “lied” about voter suppression in Georgia’s 2018 race for governor, which she still falsely claims was stolen from her by Governor Brian Kemp (R).

“Stacey Abrams will never be governor of Georgia — for one reason: she’s a fraud,” Perdue declared. “What she has done is materialized a lie over the last three years of voter suppression in Georgia, and she can never be governor.”

A full video of the interaction can be found by clicking here.

“She didn’t even go to the meeting with Joe Biden,” he continued. “When he came down there to talk about our ‘racist’ voter suppression laws, she wouldn’t even stand on the podium with him when he came to Georgia. And now we see him considering her sister for the Supreme Court. I mean, this is as corrupt as it gets, Maria.”

Perdue then went on to roast White House occupant Joe Biden for his consideration of nominating Stacey Abrams’ sister, Georgia Federal Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner, for the U.S. Supreme Court. Stacey’s sister is a well-known political ideologue, and Perdue considers her potential appointment as “nothing but the payback for all the help that Stacey Abrams gave Joe Biden in 2020.”

Ever since losing an election for the governorship of Georgia in 2018, Abrams has maintained that she was the race’s true winner, still alleging it was “stolen” years later.

“My full language was that it was stolen from the voters of Georgia,” Abrams said during an April 2021 Senate hearing regarding a change in Georgia election law that occurred long after its 2018 race. “We do not know what they would have done because not every eligible Georgian was permitted to participate fully in the election.”

Abrams has also made news for other recent criticisms, with reports last week revealing that the failed Democrat candidate has appeared maskless in front of numerous crowds of children in school while simultaneously demanding they remain muzzled. Such behavior has riled critics up, with many pointing out that children are at virtually no risk of harm from Covid-19 whereas Abrams, who is both older and severely overweight, carries significantly more risk. Big League Politics covered that story here.

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