Philadelphia Police Discover Van Loaded With Propane Tanks, Torches, and Possible Dynamite After Riots

Philadelphia Police have discovered a van they’re describing as full of propane tanks, torches and what may be dynamite on Wednesday night, following two nights of hectic and violent looting following the police shooting death of violent felon Walter Wallace Jr.

Photography of the van revealed red cylinders that could possibly be dynamite.

A curfew had been implemented in Philadelphia for the first night since the riots on Wednesday. Philadelphia Police had estimated that more than 1,000 residents of the city were engaging in mass looting on Tuesday night, with more than 30 businesses in the city being looted.

Thieves were previously seen on camera using explosives to break into an ATM in the city. All in the name of social justice, of course.

An investigation is under way, and the police are yet to announce any possible charges of confirmation of terrorist activity. Big League Politics is continuing to monitor the situation.

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