POLL: Nearly Two-Thirds of Voters Believe Progressive Activists Will “Respond With Violence” If Trump Wins Re-Election

A new poll from Rasmussen indicates that almost two-thirds of Americans believe that “progressive activists” will “respond with violence” in the event that President Donald Trump secures reelection in November.

The national poll, released Thursday, surveyed 1,200 registered voters. It was conducted on July 23rd to 25th.

In a sharp contrast, only a combined total of 38% of voters predicted that conservative activists would become violent in the event of a Joe Biden victory, with 16% of the public seeing it as very likely and 22% seeing it as somewhat likely.

It is interesting to note that last week more people thought Republicans would cheat rather than Democrats,” said Rasmussen, referring to a previous poll suggesting that more people thought it was possible Republicans would “cheat” as opposed to Democrats. “This week, the partisan gap is wider and reversed. Sixty-two percent (62%) expect violence from progressives if Trump wins, but only 38% see violence from conservatives as likely if Biden wins.

The broader public seems acutely aware that the political left is eager to use political violence when they don’t get their way, a disturbing trend that conservatives largely do not emulate.

The progressive left has consistently engaged in political violence in the recent George Floyd riots, perhaps most prominently attacking a federal courthouse on a nightly basis and deploying improvised explosive devices against the government building.

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