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Portland ‘Abolish ICE’ Group Decapitates Trump Effigy with Guillotine



First reported by Far Left Watch, a group of radical leftists in Portland, Oregon continued to fetishized violence against President Donald J. Trump.

“‘Abolish ICE PDX recently held a mock public execution in which they decapitated an effigy of President Donald Trump using a makeshift guillotine,” the site reported. “As we have previously reported, this theme of wishing to publicly execute ideological opponents borrows from the French Revolution and is alarmingly prevalent in far-left circles.”

The group decapitated the Trump effigy while playing the song “The Guillotine” but The Coup in the background.

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Underneath the guillotine, a sign read “Brick by brick, wall by wall, we will make the borders fall.”

This is just the latest in a trend of radical leftists glorifying violence against political opponents, and it is not just ragtag groups of losers on the streets creating such hideous displays.

The newest cover of The New Yorker magazine depicts Trump lying dead in a pool of blood.

Big League Politics reported:

One of the most powerful media men in the world sent a rare tweet this morning regarding the political left’s obsession with the death of President Donald J. Trump.

“The left’s continued fetish for Trump’s physical harm/death is stunning…” Matt Drudge said on Twitter.

The New Yorker cover photo depicts a bloody Trump falling flat on his face at the bottom of an escalator.

Just last week, a Facebook group called “Wake Up America” posted a photo depicting Trump’s decapitated head with a menacing “reminder” caption. This week, a shop in Portland, OR, was forced to take down a graphic image plastered on their window depicting Trump’s throat being slit.  Washed-up comedienne Kathy Griffin did a photoshoot holding Trump’s decapitated headlast year which cost her what was left of her meager career.

BLP Passage Ends. 

The examples of recent violent leftist provocation alone are plentiful enough to write hefty book. With politicians like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and a rabid anti-Trump media inciting such behavior, it is no wonder these zombie political pawns in the streets are acting this way.

Hopefully things will shape up before any serious violence occurs.

Violent Left

Biden Supporter Arrested After Shooting at Trump Supporters Driving Pickup Truck



Police have made an arrest in Kingsville, Maryland, after a Joe Biden supporter shot at Trump supporters driving a pickup truck.

The incident happened outside the Biden supporter’s residence. Douglas Kuhn was putting a large “Biden for President” sign up on his property on Saturday, October 17, when drivers of a pickup truck sporting Trump flags innocuously honked their horn while driving by. That was when Kuhn shot at them, according to the Baltimore County Police Department.

Thankfully no one was killed or injured. The pickup truck did not sustain any damage either.

The College Republicans at Towson University released the following statement, noting that the shooting victims were the organization’s former vice president and his father:

Douglas Kuhn is currently being held in jail without bail. He has been charged with both first- and second-degree assault.

How many times have we seen or heard stories about leftists—from Biden supporters to Antifa thugs—assaulting or shooting Trump supporters over the past four years? I stopped counting a while ago. Now compare that to the number of times we’ve seen or heard stories about the reverse. It’s negligible. If it happened the mainstream media wouldn’t let us hear the end of it.

Journalists won’t even bother asking Joe Biden about this story, so don’t hold your breath. As Tucker Carlson pointed out in last night’s monologue, they are significantly more concerned with the flavor of shakes he orders during campaign stops.

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