Portland ANTIFA Militant Charged With Attempted Murder for Molotov Cocktail Attack on Police Officers – Charges Dropped!

23-year old Joseph Robert Sipe has been arrested and charged with 1st-degree attempted murder, 1st-degree arson, assault and the possession of a destructive device for throwing a molotov cocktail at Portland police officers in a Wednesday night riot.

Sipe’s attack on police officers appears to have been one of the most dangerous acts of violence in the duration of Portland’s nightly riots, with his molotov cocktail starting a large fire before a police officer with a fire extinguisher put it out.


However, justice may be denied in the firebomb attack on the police officers. Portland journalist and ANTIFA researcher Andy Ngo revealed that his sources within the Portland Police Bureau expect the attempted murder charge against Sipe may be dropped.

It remains possible that federal prosecutors may file federal attempted murder charges against the murder- especially considering that the US Marshals have placed an active detainer against him. He’s currently detained in the Multnomah County Jail.

UPDATE: Ngo has confirmed that attempted murder charges against Sipe have been dropped by left-wing Multnomah County prosecutor Mike Schmidt.

The criminal riots in Portland have occurred on a nightly basis for almost 110 days at this point, with at least one Trump supporter being murdered by “100% ANTIFA” militant Michael Reinoehl. Despite this, it remains likely that some of the most severe and violent street riots will occur this weekend, with area leftists incensed over a Kentucky grand jury’s decision to decline to file criminal charges against three Louisville police officers over the death of Breonna Taylor.

Portland Police made several other arrests at Wednesday’s riots, some of them for serious felony offenses. Sipe hasn’t gotten away with the act, as it remains possible to likely that he’ll face federal charges for the molotov cocktail.


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