POTUS Addresses Nation from White House Following Treatment at Walter Reed Hospital

President Donald Trump addressed the nation in a new video following his return to the White House from Walter Reed Medical Center. The President announced he would continue his recovery from coronavirus at the presidential residence, days after leaving to receive medical treatment at the military hospital.

The President urged the American people not to let coronavirus “dominate their lives,” citing the progress in treating the viral disease on the part of the American and global scientific community. He cited vaccine research that could deliver an effective vaccine for the novel virus by the end of the year.


Partisan liberals have expressed outrage that the President dared to return to the White House from Walter Reed, preferring instead that he remain at the hospital until the November election.

The President removed his face mask to salute crew members of Marine One upon his return to the White House.

The President has stated that he plans to resume campaigning for his reelection within the coming days, when physicians fully clear him of the coronavirus disease.


Trump’s recovery from coronavirus appears to have been beneficial for his electoral college. Respondents of a Democracy Institute poll indicated that they were more likely to support his reelection in the wake of the diagnosis, with the poll indicating that he leads in the election 46% to 45% over Joe Biden.

A hysterical MSNBC commentator likened the President’s return to the White House as a “Mussolini moment,” shocked and outraged that the President would appear as a national leader as the United States recovers from the coronavirus pandemic.


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