POWERFUL: Massive Demonstrations Sweep Europe in Opposition to COVID-19 Mandatory Vax Policies

Over the weekend, rallies against COVID-19 mandatory vaccine policies reached a fever pitch throughout Europe.

Austrians held one of the largest protests in their nation’s history in the nation’s capital of Vienna after a new round of lockdowns were announced:

Additionally, tens of thousands of Croatians showed up in the streets to voice their opposition to COVID vaccine passports:

Protests in the Netherlands became violent with police cars being set ablaze as the public grows angry with their enforcement of COVID edicts to restrict their civil liberties:

There were chaotic scenes that developed during protests in the Belgian capital of Brussels as well:

The Danes held a large-scale demonstration with protesters dressed in all black to oppose COVID restrictions:

One scene from Rome, Italy shows hundreds of thousands gathered while holding up lights to make a powerful visual demonstration against technocratic authoritarianism:

Big League Politics has reported on how Eastern European countries have had the fewest COVID-19 rates despite having the lowest rates of vaccination throughout the region:

Eastern European countries, such as Romania, have a low rate of vaccination, but strangely, are not experiencing an uptick in COVID-19 cases.

This phenomenon is largely being ignored because it is not congruent with the mass hysteria narrative preferred by Big Pharma, globalist bureaucrats and media elites. However, it seems to be consistent throughout all Eastern European countries that have resisted vaccine hysteria.

Meanwhile, countries with high vaccination rates, such as Israel, are seeing their hospitals overflow with COVID-19 patients and cases surge throughout the country.

Big League Politics has reported on how countries with the most vaccine compliance top the list of highest travel risk according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

Europe needs to fight back, or every nation will fall to COVID tyranny in a similar manner as Australia. Technocracy is the new globalist model for every country throughout the world and only resistance can save Western Civilization at this point.

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