Preschool Teacher Shows Pregnant Man Flash Card ‘To Teach Colors To Children’

The LGBTQ movement comes for everything – corporate America, Taco Bell, and of course, our schools. Now, a preschool in North Carolina is showing flashcards with a pregnant man on them to students.

This story about the “Progress Pride Flag Rainbow Families Flash Cards” was shared by North Carolina Speaker of the House Tim Moore on his personal page. In response to a preschool teacher using these materials to teach students more about the LBGTQ lifestyle.

Moore said, “This week Rep. Erin Paré (R-Wake) received an email from a concerned constituent alerting her to the use of LGBTQIA+ themed flashcards, including a card with the depiction of a pregnant man, to teach colors to children in a preschool class at Ballentine Elementary School, part of the Wake County public school system. Rep. Paré received images of the cards from her constituent.”

Notice how the school decided to see if the teacher was doing anything inappropriate only after a complaint was filed.

The post from Moore continued, “Rep. Paré immediately contacted the principal of the elementary school to alert her of this constituent concern and to confirm the use of the flashcards in the classroom. The principal of the school took swift action to investigate and respond to the information.”

“The principal confirmed that the flashcards were not part of approved curriculum and that she was unaware that they were being used,” he added.

Mind you, teachers like this are the same activists and LGBTQ enthusiasts that get angry when you call their tactics “grooming.” Even though that is exactly what this is in every capacity of the word.

You should also notice that though the flashcards were removed from the classroom, the preschool teacher who provided them is hardly mentioned. We don’t even know if they are male or female, as we were never given a name. Or any other important information for that matter.

There is also no indication from the House Speaker as to what punishment was given to the teacher. Or if there even were consequences.

In closing, Moore said, “The principal immediately took possession of the cards, contacted the WCPSS area superintendent, and engaged human resources. The principal expressed appreciation for the constituent’s information via Rep. Paré, as she would not have known about the flashcards otherwise.”

Of course, all this begs the question: What other woke lifestyles are being promoted in American public schools that go virtually unnoticed?

This story in particular only came to light thanks to a parent complaint. Otherwise, the school would have never even known what was being taught under its roof.

The fact that these flashcards were shown to preschoolers makes the matter even worse.

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