Taco Bell Will Host ‘Drag Queen Brunches,’ Partnering With Group That Targets Children

Taco Bell is now hosting “drag queen brunches” in an attempt to create a new “immersive fan experience.”

As Taco Bell has announced, these new brunches are meant to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community, while also “creating safe and welcoming spaces” for all.

Additionally, the company wants to “further its mission to break down barriers to [LGBTQIA+] education” through its partnership with the It Gets Better Project – an LGBT group that targets young children.

The company has also admitted that they have a 100-member entity within their organization called the Live Más Pride Employee Resource Group that is committed to funding events like these to “elevate the voices, stories and experiences of its community both internally and externally.”

Here’s a synopsis of a recently held drag queen brunch according to an article from The New York Times: “As drag brunch came to a close at a Mexican restaurant here last Sunday, the performers conga-lined their way through the crowd of about 40 party people who were just this side of tipsy on Brunch Punch.”

But this was no standard drag brunch,” the outlet continued. “It was a Taco Bell Drag Brunch. And that wasn’t a microphone in the lead queen’s hand; it was a Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito. That queen — a Mexican American performer called Kay Sedia (pronounced quesadilla) — was the M.C. at a Taco Bell Cantina down the block from Wrigley Field, wearing a frilly, skintight frock with the Taco Bell logo on the belly.”

Of course, Americans should expect much more of this sort of thing in the coming days ahead of Pride Month.

The North Face, for example, has headlined its Summer of Pride series of events by partnering with “drag queen, environmentalist, and community organizer” Pattie Gonia – WATCH:

The company plans on hosting outdoor activities designed to build and support local LGBTQ+ engagement.

Mike Ferris, The North Face VP of Global Brand Management, had this to say in a press release for the company: “We believe that exploration is for everyone and it is critical to empower and uplift voices in the LGBTQ+ community in order to make the outdoors an equitable and safe space for all.”

 “The Summer of Pride series is one of the ways we’re working to promote a more accessible and welcoming environment for individuals from all backgrounds to gather and experience the joy of the outdoors,” he added.

In yet another example, Target recently announced that its pride collection will include “chest bingers” and “packing underwear” for transgender shoppers.

With June still days away, it’s incredible to see which companies are doubling down on Pride Month and the LGBTQ movement as a whole. At a glance, the profits must be worthwhile. Especially considering most of these announcements are posed to be accompanied by backlash and boycotts from conservatives.

Get ready for the routine influx of rainbow logos. It’s still May.

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