President Biden Dramatically Raises Refugee Admission Levels to 125,000

President Joe Biden’s government is planning on dramatically increasing the annual cap for refugee admissions in the next fiscal year, awarding 125,000 people refugee status. The move would double the current refugee admissions cap of 62,500, and would bring in more refugees than President Obama did in his final year on the presidential throne.

The State Department confirmed Biden’s dramatic expansion of the refugee program in a statement released on Monday. 40,000 migrants from Africa will be given refugee status, with 35,000 targeted for South Asia and 15,000 from East Asia.

The United States will admit 15,000 migrants from Latin and South America as refugees, a figure unlikely to set off even further mass-scale illegal immigration from Central America.

President Donald Trump had succeeded in reducing the refugee admissions cap to less than 10,000 his last year in office, citing the global coronavirus pandemic Biden seems to be disregarding when it comes to bringing hundreds of thousands of people into the country.

The refugee explosion also comes as President Joe Biden stands to set a single-year all-time record for illegal immigration. Loose refugee policies will doubtlessly serve a magnet to invite even more border infiltration, with the Democrat still refusing to enforce US immigration law as sources within his own administration admit the situation has spiraled out of hand.

The doubling of refugee resettlement comes as a glut of highly questionable Afghan migrants are shepherded into the immigration court system. Analysis has revealed that only a small percentage of the Afghan nationals airlifted to the United States in the aftermath of their country’s capitulation to the Taliban are genuine ‘translators’ or former employees of the US military.

Refugee resettlement has become a profitable business for so-called ‘charities’ at the expense of American communities saddled with welfare and public service costs, in addition to detrimental effects on quality of life.

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