President Trump Backs Off One Gun Control Proposal, Endorses Another

Donald Trump, Facebook

The White House just announced a series of recommendations on measures to stop school shootings. Noticeably absent was a proposal to raise the minimum age to purchase a rifle to 21, that President Trump had signaled support for in the past.

He will instead have Education Secretary Betsy DeVos chair a federal commission to study the proposal. This means the proposal isn’t completely off the table, but after reviewing the facts behind the proposal, any reasonable person would realize it would do nothing to stop gun violence.

While this is a good step for Second Amendment supporters, Trump still didn’t abandon every piece of gun control he had proposed. The announcement reaffirmed Trump’s support for the Fix-NICS gun control bill that has the support of Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

As Big League Politics recently reported, the proposal is disastrous to veterans, who have been unfairly targeted by the mental health expansions included in the bill. Already, over 200,000 veterans have been targeted and stripped of their Second Amendment rights due to so-called “mental health” legislation.

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