President Trump TAKES DOWN CBS Reporter: “You’re So Disgraceful”

President Donald Trump pushed back against CBS News reporter Paula Reid in no uncertain terms during Monday’s press conference, taking her to task in an exchange reminiscent of the President’s most belligerent exchanges with CNN showman Jim Acosta.

Watch the heated exchange here:

The President kicked off Monday’s coronavirus press briefing by displaying a video highlighting various instances of fake news reporting on the part of mainstream media outlets, a development that left CNN and MSNBC fuming. The liberal media networks went on to cut away from covering the press conference, although CNN captioned the briefing with several utterly ridiculous and slanted graphics in an attempt to propagandize against the President.

CBS’s Paula Reid had been attempting to lambast the President for a supposedly lacking preparation for the Chinese coronavirus epidemic, a global disease that has caught most of the world’s nations off guard. The President pointed out that he had been early in applying a travel ban on both China and Europe, moves that presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden had vocally opposed at the time of their implementation.

More highlights from Monday’s contentious press briefing:

White House medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci even joined in on the exchange with the media, rejecting a ridiculous insinuation that he was being compelled to push a narrative by the President.

A majority of the Americans who have watched the near-daily press briefings during the Chinese coronavirus epidemic have stated that they find the presidential updates informative. Sadly, the mainstream media is working overtime in an attempt to derail the informative events with partisan nonsense and political hectoring of the President.

If the mainstream media is going to prevent Americans from obtaining gainful information on the federal response to the coronavirus epidemic, then it’s only fitting that the public is at least entertained by the President’s no-holds-barred take-downs of the liberal media operatives.

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