Pro-American Protestors Rally to Save Historic Theodore Roosevelt Statue at Natural History Museum

Hundreds of pro-American protestors rallied at the site of the American Museum of Natural History on Sunday, calling upon the museum to reverse a decision on the part of its leadership to remove a historic statue of President Theodore Roosevelt.

Liberal museum administrators announced they’d remove the equestrian statue of Theodore Roosevelt in response to the recent round of Black Lives Matter-influenced cultural purges, claiming that the statue is a supposedly “racist” image. The statue features Roosevelt on horseback, flanked by a Native American and African man. Contrary to the assumptions of liberal ideologues, the statue is meant to celebrate Roosevelt’s accomplishments as a naturalist and an explorer; having led a scientifically notable expedition to Africa that catalogued thousands of forms of animal life previously unknown to western science.

Demonstrators slammed the cultural and institutional elite for their ignorance of common American history. “I continue to say… the politically woke are intellectually broke!

Pro-American demonstrators chanted “save Teddy” and “save our history” in opposition to the museum’s plans to remove the statue. Roosevelt himself had played a key role in the founding and original exhibits of the facility. More than 150 people attended in support of the statue, a strong crowd in one of the most progressive and culturally authoritarian cities in the country.

New York Young Republicans Club President Gavin Wax organized the event. Although the event gathered a sizable turnout, the conservative activist and publisher lamented that no elected New York Republicans attended to show their support for the legacy of the great American President.

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