Pro-Antifa Videographer Loses Her Mind On Train Over Maskless Coffee Drinkers

In another example of left-wing mask hysteria, pro-Antifa videographer Sandi Bachom was filmed making a fool of herself on an Amtrak train traveling from New York City to Washington, D.C. 

Conservative activist, and social media personality Ashley St. Clair caught the interaction on video.

Bachom, wearing a mask and face shield at the same time, begins by bragging about having 70,000 followers on Twitter, as she berates a group of people sitting down drinking coffee with their masks off.

Despite bragging about her Twitter followers, Bachom is yet to post her video on the platform. But she did end up finding St. Clair’s video, which was going viral.

In response to finding the video, Bachom found St. Clair on the train, and began berating her as a “Nazi doxxing b*tch,” and a “Nazi b*tch.”

Bachom quickly admitted to the confrontation on her Twitter account, which indeed has 70,000 followers.

It is quite ironic that Bachom would attack St. Clair for “doxxing,” when she is known for actively promoting the practice of doxxing online.

Not to mention that if posting a video of her temper tantrum is considered doxxing, Bachom, who travels to events to take videos of right-wing demonstrations, would just as well be considered a “doxxer.”

While at right-wing events, Bachom is well known, and is often welcomed alongside Antifa militants, who use her videos to target conservatives for harassment.

Most infamously, Bachom video taped an Antifa attack near the New York Metropolitan Republican Club on October 12th, 2018. Her video shows a group of Proud Boys getting into a scuffle from Antifa, which later video reveals was started when Antifa threw a bottle at the Proud Boys.

Prior to the fight, Antifa had vandalized the Republican club building the night before, stating that they would not “be civil” in a threatening note left at the steps of the building. The Antifa militants involved in the fight had circled around multiple blocks to intercept the Proud Boys. None of this was mentioned in her reporting.

Despite this, Bachom testified against the Proud Boys on trial in place of the Antifa militants, who never came forward to press charges. During her testimony, a source who was in the courtroom tells Big League Politics that she made a fool of herself, at one point bragging about owning a Rolex watch.

Ultimately, two Proud Boys, Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman, were sentenced to four years in prison, which they are serving now. Kinsman, who has a black wife and three kids, has been away from them for over a year since sentencing. So her testimony helped separate three black children from their father for a 17-second fight… So much for being “anti-racist.”

On top of all of this, Bachom has a long record of both supporting Antifa on her social media, while also claiming that they don’t exist.

This woman is clearly unhinged.


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