PROFILE: Shak Hill v. Beltway Barbara Comstock

In Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, voters have a choice of either voting for more of the same, which they will get with their current Rep. Barbara Comstock, or for a Trump-like bomb-thrower, which they could get by electing Shak Hill.

Rep. Comstock is the embodiment of the anti-Trump political establishment, and has spared no time making that clear. In fact, Newsweek has already reported that Comstock is one of the most likely Republicans to side with Democrats in a vote to impeach President Trump.

Going through her voting history, and past statements, it becomes clear exactly why one would assume she would vote to impeach the President; it’s because she votes like a Democrat!

On just about every conservative issue, she sides with the Democrats. Here is just a small sample of some of her more horrendous past votes:

Rep. Comstock sided with Nancy Pelosi in her vote against repealing Obamacare.

She also teamed up with Dianne ‘Turn ‘Em’ All In‘ Feinstein in sponsoring the “Fix NICS” gun control proposal.  As Gun Owners of America points out, Fix NICS will lead towards potentialy millions of innocent Americans being stripped of their Second Amendment rights. After her bill failed to gain enough traction to pass, it was slipped into the $1.6 trillion omnibus spending bill, which Comstock voted for.

Rep. Comstock voted AGAINST ending tax-payer funding of transgender surgeries in the military, supporting making the military into a social experiment for left-wing extremists.

Comstock also stood with former President Obama by voting for executive amnesty.

Comstock also made our country less safe by joining in with the usual brigade of RINOs by criticizing Trump’s plan for “extreme vetting” of immigrants coming from terrorist countries, along with his temporary travel ban.

Despite claiming to be pro-life, Rep. Comstock voted four separate times to fund Planned Parenthood.

Comstock also voted to keep Common Core in place, making it clear that she is opposed to choice in education for parents.

Her horrendous voting record has been noted on virtually every reputable conservative scorecard, including:

Heritage Action: F Rating (Bottom 17% of all Republicans nationwide)

Conservative Review: F Rating (Bottom 16% of all Republicans nationwide)

Eagle Forum: F Rating (Bottom 7% of all Republicans nationwide)

FreedomWorks: F Rating (Bottom 20% of all Republicans nationwide)

Club for Growth: F Rating (Bottom third of all Republicans nationwide)

American Conservative Union: F Rating (Bottom 25% of all Republicans nationwide)

NumbersUSA: F Rating (Bottom 15% of all Republicans nationwide)

In contrast, her Republican primary opponent, Shak Hill, fully stands for President Trump’s agenda. On his website, Hill boldly calls for finishing what President Trump has started in draining the swamp.

His main five agenda items directly contrast his opponents voting record. In order, he lists the following as his most important agenda items:

  1. Reforming Washington D.C. (Drain The Swamp)
  2. Replace Obamacare
  3. Fiscal Responsibility
  4. Pro-Life
  5. Second Amendment

On top of his conservative campaign planks, Shak Hill served in the Air Force for nine years, and has a long history of serving his community.





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