Ralph Northam’s Appointee Forced to Resign While He Remains In Office After KKK Photo

An appointee of Virginia Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam was forced to resign in disgrace on Tuesday after bigoted posts she made on social media to foment hatred against the Catholic Church were unearthed.

Northam had appointed Democratic Party activist Gail Gordon Donegan to the Virginia Council on Women, but she had to quit her post after her incendiary comments about Catholics were discovered and caused great controversy.

“Abortion is morally indefensible to Catholic priests bcuz it results in fewer children to rape,” she wrote in a disgusting post from 2010.

That same year, Donegan wrote: “Saw a bumper sticker: ‘You can’t be both Catholic & Pro-Choice.’ Add: You can be a pedophile though!”

One year later, she wrote: “Go tell a Catholic they have dirt on their forehead,” including the hashtag #waystooffend to her post.

In addition to her comments about Catholics, she also made rude and profane comments about Republicans on her social media profile. She called former Republican U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock a “sh*thead” and told Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Radhika Jones to “f**k off, eat shit, and crawl back to hell.” Virginia’s two bishops led the charge that ultimately prompted her resignation.

“We expect anyone appointed to a council, board or commission for the commonwealth to be respectful of all faith groups and civil in his or her public comments. Her statements are offensive to Catholics and our faith,” Bishop Michael Burbidge of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington said in a statement.

Bishop Barry C. Knestout of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond said that Donegan “has demonstrated a pattern of ridiculing Catholic beliefs and employing stereotypes designed to malign people of faith. Had these comments been directed toward any other group of persons, they would have disqualified her from this role.”

They eventually got their wish, but certain Democratic Party leaders feel that Donegan should have been kept in her role even though she made hateful remarks toward Catholics on many different occasions.

“It is unfortunate that the Commonwealth will not benefit from the commitment and advocacy of Gail Donegan,” Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw (D-Fairfax) wrote in a Twitter post. “Her dedication to important issues would have made a great addition to the Virginia Council on Women.”

Donegan was forced to resign, but Gov. Northam remains in office despite the fact that he could never dispute the Big League Politics report showing his embarrassingly racist blackface photos from a college yearbook. She may have been the sacrificial lamb in this case, but overall, this hypocrisy shows the Democrats will only pay lip service against hate and bigotry when they are absolutely obligated to do so.

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