Rep. Matt Gaetz Becomes Latest Conservative Congressman to Join Gab

Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida became the latest Republican member of Congress to join free speech social media platform Gab on Thursday, potentially elevating the profile of the website when more conservatives than ever are looking for an alternative to Big Tech’s censorious corruption.

Gaetz follows his peers Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Rep. Michael Cloud, and Rep. Lauren Boebert on the platform.

Some supporters of internet freedom have been critical of Gettr, citing the site’s funding from a Chinese oligarch and its ultimate dependence on servers controlled by Big Tech monopoly Amazon. Critics of Gettr’s business model have predicted it’ll ultimately end up with the same problems as Parler, deplatformed from the internet. Critics of Gettr have also identified that the site’s administrators appear to be artificially inflating follower counts, merely listing previous followers on Twitter on the accounts of more prominent users.

In actuality, Gab’s active user base is considerably larger than Gettr and has consistently grown throughout its existence. Free speech advocates have also pointed out Gettr’s tendencies to engage in the same censorship tactics as Twitter, banning an America First commentator and the usage of certain phrases.

Gab was founded in 2016, and has existed well before some of the newer free speech systems that fail to endure backlash from Big Tech.

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