Report: Koch Network Plans Massive $100 Million Ad Blitz in Early Primary States to Stop Donald Trump

The massively wealthy and influential Koch Network is planning a $100 million ad blitz in an attempt to sabotage Trump’s chances in early primary states for the 2024 presidential election.

“The Koch Network put out kits to big donors saying they’re planning on spending all their time and energy to prevent Trump from becoming the nominee by spending 100 million in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada,” said Arizona RNC Committeeman Tyler Bowyer, who also serves as the COO of Turning Point Action.

Last week, CNBC highlighted the anti-Trump efforts from the Koch Network in these key states. Two Koch fronts, Americans for Prosperity Action and Stand Together Chamber of Commerce, gave CNBC a first look at the ads.

One ad is called “Only Way” and claims that “the only way Biden wins is if we nominate Trump again.” An additional ad called “No Thanks” claims that “Trump can’t win” and “we need new leadership.” A third ad called “Biden’s Secret Weapon,” claims that “Donald Trump as the GOP nominee” is Biden’s secret weapon, and Trump’s nomination would result in “Biden [winning] the White House and…the House and Senate, too.”

Those ads can be seen here:

Big League Politics reported on how the Koch Network works to subvert Republican politics from within, pushing goals that are liberal and globalist to unsuspecting conservatives:

With the passing of libertarian icon and capitalist titan David Koch this past week from prostate cancer, it has put the focus on who will lead Koch industries for the next generation.

83-year-old Charles Koch, the surviving Koch brother who is preparing for retirement, is handing off the reigns to his son, Chase. According to a profile by Politico Magazine, Chase is pushing for a “kinder, gentler libertarianism” that is more focused on pushing social justice initiatives than pushing back against leftism and statism on a political level.

“My passion is to bring people together to solve some of the major challenges facing society today, including in education and in many different aspects of our communities. Bottom line—I’m focused on removing the barriers so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve extraordinary things,” he told Politico.

Chase Koch is actively partnering with Silicon Valley, embracing the industry at a time when firms are pushing an unprecedented Big Brother crackdown against all online forms of dissent. He founded Koch Disruptive Technologies in 2017, a venture capital firm meant to extend the tentacles of the Kochtopus into the nascent technocracy.

Seeing partisan politics as a less viable way to exert control, the new Koch era will rely on exploiting tech monopolies to control digital expression as the means to retain and expand economic power. The Koch’s network recent participation in a thought control summit in San Francisco, CA, alongside left-wing pro-censorship groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Soros Fund Charitable Foundation, shows the direction the Koch network is going in as Chase becomes more prominent.

The Koch network under Chase’s control will more frequently use the language of social justice for public relations’ purposes. Chase has been influential in the development of the new Koch anti-poverty program, Stand Together, which was founded with the guise of spurring business development, job training for low-income individuals, and revitalizing downtrodden communities through the marketplace…

However, Stand Together encompasses other Koch-funded entities like Freedom Partners and the LIBRE Initiative. These groups are behind a massive cheap labor push from the third world, constantly lobbying Congress for open immigration and amnesty for illegal immigrants. This indicates that the group’s lip service toward helping American workers may be a clever ruse to further maximize corporate profits.”

The entire globalist establishment will be uniting to stop Trump in 2024. He is the man who they fear. Trump is the only man who can stop this demonic system.

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