REPORT: Michigan Governor Whitmer’s Husband Sought Boat Launching During State of Emergency

Social media rumors surfacing over the weekend indicate that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s husband attempted to contract a dock construction company to launch his boat on Friday. Boating had been banned by the state during the coronavirus state of emergency, a ban that was only recently lifted by the state. Whitmer’s stay-at-home restrictions have been among the most stringent in the entire country, and she recently announced plans to extend the stay-at-home executive order until June.

An employee of a boating company described a conversation with Whitmer’s husband, Marc Mallory, in which the dentist attempted to use his proximity to the state executive in order to have his boat installed in the water before Memorial Day weekend.

Apparently, after attempting to slip to the front of the line as the First Husband of Michigan, Mallory was placed at the back of the line of the company’s projects.

The boating company had been apparently overwhelmed with a deluge of boat installation projects, primarily on account of the recent expiration of Whitmer’s ban on boating. The company itself corroborated the account of its employee, stating that Mallory had in fact contacted them with hopes of securing boat installation services.

“We simply let him know— Sorry, we have a lot going on with very little time to get it done. We will get you in line to install as soon as we can, ALL our customers are valued and we cannot place you in front of others who scheduled earlier. This answer was met with respect and understanding.”

“Was karma in play? Maybe.

Northstar Dock didn’t confirm or deny that Mallory attempted to grease the screws by touting his political connections as Whitmer’s husband.

Whitmer’s husband shouldn’t even be seeking to strain the company with a supposedly socially hazardous business request, considering his wife had banned boating-related activity only weeks ago. The man’s alleged attempt to secure a personal favor through his political connections is no less than the latest incident of a Democrat-affiliated elite seeking a standard of ‘restriction for thee, liberty and leisure for me.’

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