Republican Governor Chris Sununu Allows Third-World Refugees to be Resettled in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has announced his consent for third-world refugees to be resettled into his state after the Trump administration made the program voluntary.

Gov. Sununu stated that he believes that the third-world refugees will become “hardworking members of our local communities.” Following his decision, local municipalities throughout New Hampshire can now opt in to the refugee resettlement program. They have until Dec. 20 to decide whether or not to opt in to the program.

President Trump signed federal Executive Order 13888 in September, which deployed federalism in determining refugee resettlement. The order changed public policy so refugees would no longer be forced into states against their will.

“State and local governments are best positioned to know the resources and capacities they may or may not have available to devote to sustainable resettlement, which maximizes the likelihood refugees placed in the area will become self-sufficient and free from long-term dependence on public assistance,” the order reads.

The Trump administration has practically frozen the refugee resettlement program, and resettled zero refugees into the U.S. from the third-world during the month of October:

Over 500 flights have already been cancelled this month due to a freeze in resettling the refugees. The freeze was set to expire on Tuesday, but will now persist until at least Nov. 5…

The Trump administration has called for 18,000 refugees to be resettled into the US from the third world this year, which would be a historic low. Trump has yet to sign off on the refugee ceiling, but agencies that aid and abet the program are crying foul at the administration’s policies anyway.

“To consistently call and say your family member who you thought you were going to be reunified with isn’t coming, it’s difficult,” said Nate Bult, who works as vice president of public and government affairs at Bethany Christian Services.

“When you get that phone call once, twice, three times, the refugees we’re working with are concerned it may never happen,” he added.

“We are systematically re-traumatizing people who have already been through a significant amount of trauma. It’s unconscionable,” said Danielle Grigsby, who works as interim director of Refugee Council USA.

While the refugee industry is often cloaked in humanitarian terms by globalists and the fake news media, it is notoriously corrupt and largely based on bribes rather than helping the disadvantaged.

Trump signed Executive Order 13888 in the face of serious push-back from special interest groups that soak up federal money to administrate the program.

“What’s really upsetting is, it’s not about giving states and towns the authority to welcome more refugees,” said Mark Hetfield, President of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. “This is not about enhanced participation, it’s about closing the program down.”

“We in the Jewish community find this particularly chilling, because we have very fresh memories within our lifetime of covenants that have barred Jews from living in certain neighborhoods, covenants that barred African Americans from living in certain sections of town,” Hetfield added. “This rings reminiscent of that. But it’s even more grandiose because this is done on an entire county-wide or statewide level.”

“President Trump has ripped our country’s welcome mat out from under the most at-risk refugees in the world, people we have pledged to protect. The dire consequences of this refugee ban will last for years if not decades to come as the refugee resettlement program is dismantled and our nation’s legacy of compassion and welcome is finally snuffed out,” said Church World Service President and CEO Rev. John L. McCullough.

“Families who have waited years to be reunited have little hope of ever being together again. Refugee communities within the U.S. will lose their support systems as the infrastructure in place to support them disappears,” he added.

The Trump administration has done its part in restricting the flow of third-world migrants through the refugee resettlement program, but the states must now follow suit. Gov. Sununu has shown that he is unwilling to stand up against this potential threat.

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