Republican Party Laments That Mothers are Spending Too Much Time with Their Kids in Biden’s Economy

The Republican Party is getting more woke and no longer even acts like they are the party of family values. A recent tweet illustrates this ongoing shift.

One of the main talking points pushed by the GOP establishment has to do with getting more mothers in the workplace, separating them from their children as gross domestic product is prioritized over keeping families intact.

“1.5 million U.S. mothers have fallen out of the workforce, and many are staying home to take care of their children because schools have not re-opened,” the Republican Party wrote in a tweet. “Biden is proving to be a detriment to getting mothers back to work.”

The tweet can be seen here:

This is not the only issue where Republicans are capitulating. They are apparently fine with sacrificing children to Moloch as Republican governors regularly oppose measures to protect little kids from the transgender menace.

Big League Politics has reported on the trend of LGBT predator protection coming from the GOP:

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has effectively bowed to the LGBT agenda, gutting legislation that would protect athletes from the ongoing transgender invasion of sports.

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) issued a press release exposing Noem for surrendering to LGBT insanity in female athletics.

“Today, Gov. Noem proposed changes to House Bill 1217 that would eliminate protections for female college athletes outright and gut the ability for all women and girls to have recourse against unfair policies in women’s sports,” wrote ADF General Counsel Kristen Waggoner.

“Her misguided attempt to play politics and placate national corporate interests like Amazon is not what we would have expected from this governor. It’s surprising that Gov. Noem, who once stood up to special interests and corporate woke-ism, has now bowed to them,” she continued. 

“Contrary to what she has been told, this bill doesn’t conflict with any national sports policy and is fully consistent with the intent of Title IX. Offering some protection for high-school-girl athletes only delays the injustice they will face once they get to college. We call on the governor to withdraw her recommended changes and sign the bill passed by the legislature,” Waggoner added.

Noem claimed in a letter to South Dakota lawmakers on Friday that she supports the spirit of the legislation but is issuing a “style-and-form veto” because of problematic aspects of the bill’s language.”

The reason why the GOP is capitulating comes down to the bottom line. Special interest groups like the Chamber of Commerce see dollar signs in breaking up families. This is who the Republicans have always served, and it is why the conservative movement has conserved nothing throughout the years.

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