Republicans One-Up Democrats In Race To Introduce Un-Passable Bills

Republicans led by Senator Ted Cruz are not going to let the Democrats gain advantage in the race to introduce legislation in Congress to end the federal government shutdown.

House Democrats are filing and passing their own bills to open certain agencies without funding President Trump’s border Wall. But the Republican-controlled Senate does not plan to introduce any bills that President Trump will not sign into law, according to Mitch McConnell’s spokesperson.

Nevertheless, the mainstream media — including Chris Wallace of Fox News — is hammering Trump with their talking point: Why not just open the government and have a discussion about the Wall, without holding federal workers as hostages?

Republicans can now match the Democrats with their own talking point: Why is House speaker Nancy Pelosi refusing to take up Ted Cruz’s WALL Act?

Ted Cruz’s WALL Act is probably not capable of passing the Democrat-controlled House at this point in history, but it has been introduced in the Senate anyway.

Cruz’s co-sponsors include Jim Inhofe, John Kennedy, and Mike Rounds.

The bill would allocate $25 billion for President Trump to build the Wall.

The bill would also address illegal immigrants’ rampant use of fake Social Security numbers, which the IRS admittedly does not police against, even if they receive warnings from the Social Security administration. Corporal Ronil Singh’s alleged killer Gustavo Perez Arriaga was using two fake Social Security numbers.

Here are some of the bill’s provisions, according to KXAN:¬†

  • “A work-authorized Social Security Number (SSN) will be required to claim refundable tax credits like Earned Income Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit
  • Welfare applicants will be required to verify citizenship
  • Minimum fines will be increased for people who illegally cross the border and a minimum¬†penalty will be established for those who overstay their visa in the country.”

Of course, President Trump is going to have to build the Wall in the executive branch, probably by declaring a national emergency to use Department of Defense funds for the Wall.

A national emergency is not such a big deal, despite what the mainstream media claims. There are 31 active national emergencies in the United States right now.


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