REVENGE: Hackers Post Apology to PewDiePie on Wall Street Journal Website

Nearly two years after Wall Street Journal almost ruined the livelihood of PewDiePie, the world’s most successful YouTube star, hackers have exacted their revenge.

“WallStreet Journal would like to apologize to pewdiepie,” a webpage on the site said on Monday. “Due to misrepresentation by our journalists, those of whom have now been fired, we are sponsoring pewdiepie to reach maximum subscribers and beat Tseries to 80million.”

PewDiePie is known for his provocative content and failure to comply with politically correct social justice dingbats.

Wall Street Journal accused PewDiePie of being an anti-Semite in early 2017 after he made a video in which he highlighted that people on the app Fiverr would do anything for five dollars. One of the responses was an anti-Semitic comment. When Wall Street Journal called Disney, who had a contract with PewDiePie, for comment, the company dropped him.

“This originated from a video I made a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to show how crazy the modern world is, specifically some of the services available online,” PewDiePie explained. “I picked something that seemed absurd to me—That people on Fiverr would say anything for 5 dollars.”

Since then, PewDiePie has been maligned by DNC propagandists in left-wing journalism as a “racist” for not worshipping at the alter of social justice. Just last week, Big League Politics reported on an attempt by BuzzFeed to smear PewDiePie:

BuzzFeed reporter tried not-so-tactfully to smear the world’s most popular YouTuber Tuesday morning, only to find out that he’d played himself.

“Following on the news that  endorsed an antisemitic YouTuber, here’s a screenshot from a recent video in which PewDiePie played a shooting game with and laughed at a fan named “RabbiShekel” whose avatar is the famous anti-Jew “Le Happy Merchant,” said BuzzFeed’s Joe Bernstein on Twitter.

PewDiePie fired back at Bernstein, wrecking his narrative pretty swiftly.

“This Buzzfeed reporter is trying to angle that I played a multiplayer online game with strangers as antisemitism by proxy.. how is this not satire? LOL,” PewDiePie said on Twitter. “Here’s the actual clip btw, which as nothing to do with what he claims. Just another example of people reaching for hits by writing outrage fiction. Clip is funny af also.”

PewDiePie won this round with the press in what is sure to be a prolonged battle.

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