Right Wing Commentator Faith Goldy Running for Mayor of Toronto

A firebrand right wing commentator from Canada has announced her bid for mayor of the city of Toronto, Ontario.

“Busy day hitting the pavement & knocking on doors! Got all my signatures and am ready to ROCK N ROLL, TORONTO!” wrote Faith J. Goldy on Twitter.


Goldy is a right wing activist, commentator, and #CanadaFirst advocate.

“My city has become unrecognizable to me, every day a new headline about a shooting, stabbing, or mass shooting,” Goldy wrote in an official statement. “The sad fact of the matter is: Crime has sky-rocketed and it’s done so on Weak John Tory’s watch! He’s caved to special interest groups and the result is that he’s sacrificing our city’s young on the [altar] of political correctness.”

Goldy has been critical of the uptick in radical Islamic terror in the city, province, and nation as a whole.

“Less than a week after grenades were found in our parks, Toronto Police detonate A PIPE BOMB found in North York,” she wrote. “This is why I’m running for mayor. I really can’t recognize my city anymore. And I’m not alone.”


Goldy also retweeted Big League Politics’ report from Friday that Toronto police knew in advance of terrorist Faisal Hussain’s plans.

We reported:

On at least one occasion, twelve days before 29-year-old Faisal Hussain killed two innocent girls and imprinted 14 others with a lifelong appreciation of true Islam, Toronto police braced for an impending terror attack, but instead of issuing credible warnings, chose to leave the public in the dark about the severity of the ongoing threat.

On Wednesday, July 11th the Toronto Police Service received what they classified as “credible information” regarding a “potential vehicle ramming attack” set to occur the next day in the area of the CN Tower, an iconic communications and observation tower located in Downtown Toronto.

According to an official police memo obtained and published by the Toronto Sun, Toronto Police treated the incident as a top-level emergency, and placed an “Enhanced Security Plan” in place, essentially launching a military-style anti-terror operation in the heart of Canada’s most populated city.

Goldy announced some of here policy positions on Twitter:


The Toronto mayoral election will be held on. October 22, 2018.

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