‘Rising GOP Star’ Daniel Crenshaw Fundraising For ‘Never Trumper’ Log Cabins

HOUSTON, TEXAS — The newest, most liberty-minded addition to the Republican roster in the U.S. House of Representatives is raising money for an organization who refused to endorse Donald Trump for president: the Log Cabin Republicans, according to an unearthed video of the event.

Crenshaw’s “slip” may be showing, as he was recently caught on video giving a rousing speech at Houston’s 8th Annual Dinner for Log Cabin Republicans, a group who supports the Republican Party when it intersects with priorities of the LGBT community.


Whether the intent of the freshman congressman is altruistic, he is raising money for the only organization never to endorse a Republican — ever — including the 2016 presidential elections, and it’s membership consistently aligns with the fanatical “never Trump” movement.

“While the Log Cabin Republicans are united against Hillary Clinton,” Politico reported, “the group’s 14-member national board narrowly voted … to ‘withhold’ an endorsement of the Republican nominee,” the report continues.

“It’s the second time the official national group has chosen not to back the GOP nominee — the prior time was 2004 for George W. Bush,” Politico explains.

The perception of widespread anti-Trump sentiment in the broader ranks of the Log Cabins though flies in the face of comments from Gregory T. Angelo, former president of the Log Cabin Republicans nationally.

In an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation, Angelo called Trump the “most pro-LGBTQ nominee that the Republican Party has put forth in its history,” adding that Trump “has never distanced himself from the gay community.”

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