Roger Stone: Kavanaugh Hearings = Dress Rehearsal For Trump Impeachment

Veteran political operative Roger Stone predicts that Democrats are using the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a “dress rehearsal” for impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump.

In a video posted to his Facebook page, Stone states that if Democrats gain control of the House of Representatives in November they will file articles of impeachment against the president immediately. While he believes the substance of the articles don’t matter, he predicts that they will immediately trot out the nearly two dozen women who accused the president of sexual misconduct to justify their call.

Using the justification of the Kavanaugh accusers, Stone believes Democrats will push the “believe women” narrative to dismiss their lack of evidence, corroboration, or eye witnesses.

“The media will tell us that because they’re women, they must be believed,” Stone stated.

Stone also believes that this narrative will give “weak-kneed Republicans” justification to vote alongside Democrats to impeach Trump.

But before they can follow through with impeachment hearings on the grounds of sexual misconduct, Stone believes they will first try to silence him. As a friend of Donald Trump for over 40 years, he believes they look at him as a threat.

After all, Roger Stone is seen by many as the driving force to get Trump into the running, and he has been beside Trump during all of his previous political endeavours.

He has also been a driving force in exposing alleged sexual misconduct of former President Bill Clinton, making Stone believe silencing him would also be their way at revenge.

Stone has been targeted with multiple lawsuits stemming from his time working for President Trump during his 2016 campaign. He is also a key target of Robert Mueller’s probe into collusion with Russia during the election.

His most recent lawsuit comes from the Democratic National Committee, which is a lawsuit Stone believes they will come to regret, stating:

“I have demanded that my lawyers be entitled to examine their computer servers in discovery which has the potential to prove that the DNC was never hacked by the Russians or anyone else and that the embarrassing DNC emails published by Wikileaks were more likely downloaded to a portable drive and taken out the back door.”

To help fight the legal assaults he is facing he has a legal defense fund set up, which he made a plea for donations to during the video.

“I am facing up to $2 million in legal fees in order to fight this all-powerful jihad against me and the President,” Stone stated. “That’s why I have had no choice but to set up a legal defense fund and seek the help of my friends and the President’s supporters.”


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