Roger Stone Outlines Political ‘Nosedive’ of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis After Turning on the MAGA Base

Legendary political pundit Roger Stone has outlined the total “nosedive” done by Ron DeSantis as the Florida governor conducts his shadow presidential campaign to upend Donald Trump and subvert the MAGA agenda.

DeSantis has turned his back on the America First base at a time when Trump is likely to be indicted and the Republican base is rallying intensely around Trump against the left-wing political witch hunt that is set to ensnare him. DeSantis has been listening to his neocon globalist advisors, Stone explains, and that has resulted in the many substantial errors over the past weeks.

One of DeSantis’ biggest mistakes has been refusing to come out strongly against the persecution of Trump, based on an alleged hush money payment given to busted down porno actress Stormy Daniels. DeSantis lent credence to the allegations hurled by Democrats after going silent for many days.

“DeSantis’ initial refusal to get involved, coupled with a recycle of the Democrat talking points about Trump’s problems in New York …”I don’t know what goes into paying hush money to a porn star to secure silence over some type of alleged affair…” To Trump supporters, this is “kicking” the man while he is under attack,” Stone wrote.

DeSantis’ next mistake would be attacking Trump’s leadership style in a New York Post interview, once again echoing the types of sentiments made by Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan, two of DeSantis’ biggest backers to win the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. His flip-flopping on Ukraine shows that his unwillingness to push back against the War Party and the military-industrial complex on foreign policy.

“Whereas previously he had been a full-throated supporter of the coup in Ukraine against a democratically-elected government staged by the Obama State Department and our intelligence services. Tara Palmeri of Puck noted that “his [DeSantis] declaration on Ukraine was a flop that required cleanup,”‘ Stone wrote.

“Recognizing that the America First majority is dominated by Republicans growingly skeptical of the wisdom of shipping billions of dollars to Ukraine while flirting with WWIII, to sound like Trump DeSantis downgraded Ukraine to a “territorial dispute” and downplayed the danger the Russians pose to the United States,” he continued.

“Ron tried to ape Trump’s view that Russia was not the greatest threat to the United States, although he did not go so far as to say that the Chinese are. When DeSantis’ globalists backers went crazy about this repositioning, the Governor undercut himself by blurting out that “Putin is a war criminal” in order to satisfy his war in Ukraine-loving donors,” Stone added.

Stone noted that DeSantis has sealed records of where he has traveled using Florida state aircraft, citing personal security concerns. That excuse is shrouding the public from knowing just how many times DeSantis has convened with neocons, globalists, RINOs, and other seedy interests to plot his national political ambitions.

Additionally, Stone found that much of the success achieved by DeSantis is severely exaggerated as well. After a public spat with Disney, DeSantis capitulated and restored the woke child-grooming megacorp’s special tax breaks. He took $9 million from Florida Power & Light and other utility companies as electric bills soared higher than ever. He took money from insurance companies which resulted in reforms making it significantly more difficult for homeowners to fight hurricane-related claim denial, kicking Florida families out of their homes unjustly.

DeSantis’ supposedly strong record on COVID-19 is based on falsehoods as well. Stone noted that DeSantis “appointed one of the most vicious advocates for both vaccinations and masks, liberal Democrat Palm Beach Mayor David Kerner—whose Gestapo-like uniformed “Covid-19 Compliance Task Force” terrorized businesses and individuals seen anywhere without masks.”

Even while still unable to formally announce his 2024 presidential candidacy because of Florida law, DeSantis is already slipping in the polls and his financial backers are growing increasingly nervous as a result. Running for the presidency in 2024 is beginning to look like a no-win proposition for DeSantis as reality sets in.

“What DeSantis really doesn’t understand is no matter how the Republican nomination contest shakes out, his challenge to Trump virtually guarantees his loss against any Democrat. In a theoretical matchup with a Democrat, DeSantis would need every Trump voter—but he has now alienated a substantial number of Trump’s less pragmatic supporters who will now never support DeSantis in any election. A challenge to Trump, in which DeSantis to “kill” the King, or the Governor’s unlikely nomination, both end in defeat,” Stone wrote.

Meanwhile, Trump is upping the ante, offering more hardcore policy proposals that expand upon the America First accomplishments of his first four years in the White House. At the same time, Trump is slamming DeSantis and daring him to push back. DeSantis has not been able to handle the heat thus far, as his canned responses and choreographed media appearances have demonstrated how unauthentic and boring of a politician DeSantis is when he is not imitating Trump.

“DeSantis performs best in an entirely controlled environment in which he essentially controls the microphone and only prescreened questions are asked… His ability to think on his feet and his prospects in a debate against Donald Trump are an open question but appear to me to be daunting obstacles,” Stone wrote.

Hubris is going to be the downfall of DeSantis unless he comes back to his senses and decides to stay in Florida as governor. Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024, and potential primary competitors can feel free to jump into that buzz saw at their own peril.

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