Roy Moore To Announce New Lawsuit Against More Accusers

After losing in his bid for U.S. Senate because of salacious claims of sexual assault, former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is fighting back against his accusers. He has already filed a lawsuit against three of his accusers, and two people involved with he accusations.

Now, as it turns out, Judge Moore isn’t done in his fight to clear his name. He will be announcing yet another lawsuit against his accusers on Thursday, according to a press release put out by Moore.

The press release simply stated that he will be bringing the lawsuit “against different defendants regarding false allegations made against him during the special election for U.S. Senate.”

No other details were given about the details of the lawsuit.

As previously reported at Big League Politics:

Last year’s special election to find a replacement for Alabama’s Junior Senator was rocked when Judge Roy Moore, who was poised to win the seat, was hounded by rumors of sexual assault from three women. Those claims were so damaging to his reputation that Doug Jones, an unknown Democrat candidate, was able to beat Moore on election night.

While the media played up the accusations against Moore being from nine or more people, Judge Moore’s legal counsel made it clear at a press conference that there were three women accusers, and any inflated numbers were false.

Melissa Isaac, who is representing Judge Moore and his family, stated that they are suing all three accusers, along with two people connected to the accusations made against Moore. The five people being sued are Richard Hagadorn, Marjorie Leigh Corfman, Debbie Wesson Gibson, Beverly Young Nelson, Tina Turner Johnson.

The complaint against the three accusers, and two accomplices, is being filed in Etowah County, where the allegations against Moore took place, and where the five being sued all live. The complaint against them is for political conspiracy, among other charges.

Big League Politics will update you on this story once more details become available.

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