Schiff Hosts Hearing With Obama’s Russia Ambassador From Famous Photo With Spy Natalia

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is trying to cling to his chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee as President Donald Trump calls for his resignation for office and the entire Republican side of the Committee formally calls for Schiff to resign as chairman. (READ — HOWLEY: Here’s The Full Story of How Obama, Hillary, and Brennan Carried Out The Crime of the Century).

Schiff’s hearing Thursday hosts Mike McFaul, former president Barack Obama’s ambassador to Russia during the period in which Obama told Putin henchman Dmitry Medvedev that he would have more “flexibility” to give the Russians our strategic defense information after his re-election.

McFaul sat directly in front of then-unknown Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya at a June 2016 hearing, shortly before Natalia set up Don Jr. and Jared Kushner in a Trump Tower meeting while working with Fusion GPS head Glenn Simpson. Their plot led to FISA warrants to surveil President Donald Trump’s team as part of the years-long Russian collusion witch hunt that has now been debunked.

Fellow conspirator James Comey is also having a rough time.

Fired former FBI director James Comey told NBC News’ Lester Holt in an interview aired Wednesday that it’s “good news” special counsel Robert Mueller found no Russian collusion on the part of President Donald Trump or his campaign. (READ — Howley: Here’s The Full Story of How Obama, Hillary, and Brennan Carried Out The Crime of the Century).

Comey said the Mueller result is “good news no matter what party you’re associated with,” and added: “It’ll be important to read the entire report, but, based on what I’ve seen, this is a good thing.” Comey also said that Barr and Mueller should have the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their assertion that Trump did not obstruct justice.

The American people are having fun with Comey, who recently took bizarre photographs of himself in the woods asking deep questions of the Universe as the Mueller report was turned in and attorney general William Barr confirmed that Trump did not collude with Russians or obstruct justice.

Big League Politics reported:

Former FBI director James Comey had a white binder marked “Clinton Emails” in his office on May 16, 2017, a few days after he was fired, as the Department of Justice was trying to get back the items in Comey’s office safe. (READ: Comey Had Hillary’s Backup Email Device).

The FBI officially released the DOJ’s “Inventory” Receipt for Property documents listing the stuff Comey had in his office safe.

Look below at Inventory Item #17, which originally said “TOP SECRET,” then that marking was crossed out. In its final form, it says:

‘White Binder – CLINTON EMAILS’

Here’s the scoop provided to Big League Politics by whistleblower Mark Pullen:

In the exit documents for James Comey’s departure from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a page among the documents showed Comey had a binder in his safe that contained Hillary Clinton’s emails. The document does not show what medium was used to store the emails within the binder. The binder could have had sleeved pages for CDs which could have had Clinton’s email to include the missing emails that were Bleach-Bit wiped by Paul Combetta while the server was under a subpoena order from Congress to preserve. In the FBI’s report on Clinton’s mishandling of Classified information, it has a page from then FBI agent Peter Strzok to the National Security Agency: an order to preserve any emails sent to or from We know from Edward Snowden’s disclosures that the NSA captures all email traffic within the United States. I am sure the NSA had all of Clinton’s emails even the ones she had deleted. The questions are, did Strzok take sole possession of the emails for the FBI? Were those emails in Comey’s safe the copies from the NSA? Comey said he expected a Clinton victory in the presidential election. Was Comey holding these emails as leverage over a possible future president Hillary Clinton to retain his position as the director of the FBI?

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