Second Lincoln Project Founder Resigns in the Wake of John Weaver’s Child Grooming Scandal

A second founder of the Lincoln Project, New Hampshire political consultant Jennifer Horn, announced that she would be leaving the organization following the exposé of a pedophile scandal implicating the group’s founder, John Weaver.

John Weaver’s grotesque and inappropriate behavior, coupled with his longstanding deceptions concerning that behavior, are sickening,” Horn said in a statement provided to the New York Times. “It is clear at this point that my views about how the Lincoln Project’s efforts are managed, and the best way to move the Lincoln Project forward into the future in the wake of these awful events, have diverged.

The Lincoln Project claimed that Horn’s departure was exclusively based upon financial considerations, claiming that the former New Hampshire Republican Party chair had been making exorbitant financial demands. Horn was the only woman involved in the leadership of the group, which is otherwise composed exclusively of middle-aged white men who formerly held positions of influence in the Bush-era Republican Party.

Lincoln Project operatives have fervently denied knowing anything of Weaver’s pedophile behavior, going so far as to threaten lawsuits against whistleblowers who accused them of sweeping the matter under the rug. However, at least one victim has alleged the group knew of Weaver’s deviant grooming, and populist commentator Ryan Girdusky, who broke the story, suspects other members tipped off Weaver as he gathered evidence of the former McCain and Kasich operative’s grooming attempts targeting minors and young men.

The neocon group is now descending in disarray, lacking the north star of President Trump in office to distract public view from its leaders’ own lack of integrity and sex crimes.

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