Senator Rick Scott Caves to Open Borders Lobby With DACA Amnesty Legislation as Border Crisis Rages

Senator Rick Scott proposed an amnesty law that would grant citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants last week, namely those who already received executive amnesty under President Obama’s DACA program.

Scott’s staff began marketing the Secure Border and Protect DACA Act of 2021 last week to other Republican Senators. The proposal would provide permanent residency with a path to US citizenship to illegal aliens who already qualify for DACA, allowing those who aren’t even yet enrolled in the amnesty program to become citizens. As many as two to three million illegal aliens- or more, if estimates of the illegal alien population are underinflated by biased demographers– would be placed on a fast track to citizenship under the Florida Senator’s bill. The Biden administration has signaled its desire to shorten wait times for citizenship for immigrants, enrolling as many new potential Democratic voters as soon as possible.

Scott’s bill would trade a permanent DACA amnesty in return for a handful of border security policies that President Donald Trump instituted in office with existing authorization from federal law.


This is the worst possible time to promote a citizenship giveaway to millions of illegal immigrants. The southern border is more compromised than ever, with illegal aliens arriving in record numbers in hopes of securing amnesty and US residency from Joe Biden. A new amnesty would incentivize even more migration, with potential migrants convinced they’ll be granted citizenship at a further date in time, just like those who would get it under Scott’s proposal.

There’s already a President and party that will fight without exception to provide citizenship and voting rights to as many illegal aliens as possible. Republican voters are more concerned about illegal immigration than any other political issue, and they don’t need Senators to advance a Democratic agenda on the contentious and increasingly high-stakes issue.

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